The vision of CIM is to be the center for the education of the complete musician of the 21st Century. When you SayYES to the CIM Scholarship Challenge, you are supporting that vision and the students who choose to attend, and here's why...in their words:

"I turned down Juilliard, Oberlin, and Peabody to come to this great school because of my amazing teacher and the great chamber music program..."
"CIM is different from other conservatories because...you can get a well-rounded education while still being immersed in an intense music environment."
"The viola department here at CIM is recognized around the world and the faculty really focuses on the quality of sound..."
"CIM is different from other conservatories because the students work together to raise the standard of performance as a whole instead of only striving for personal gain."
"CIM is unique in the deep sense of community it fosters along with the amazingly supportive relationships kindled between teachers and their pupils as well as classmates."
"CIM has so many opportunities to become a better musician...there are always chances to perform in the community."
"I feel safe at CIM to grow as a musician in the way I feel best suits me, and I am constantly feeling the support of the faculty and staff and the positive input of my peers."

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