Preparatory & Continuing Education Faculty by Program

We offer professionals who specialize in providing the basics to the beginner, and master teachers qualified to teach the most advanced student. Private lessons, the foundation of Cleveland Institute of Music Preparatory and Continuing Education experience, allow teachers to foster a creative, personal relationship with students.

* - denotes a member of The Cleveland Orchestra

** - denotes a retired member of The Cleveland Orchestra


Joan Kwuon, Head
    Artistic Director
    Video Audition Required

Carol Ruzicka, Head
    Administrative Director

Jiah Chung, Head

* Vladimir Deninzon, Head

* Wei-Fang Gu, Head

Rachel Huch, Head

Eugenia Poustyreva, Head

* William Preucil, Head
    (YAP Only)
    Video Audition Required

Joel Smirnoff, Head
    Video Audition Required

David Updegraff, Head
    Video Audition Required


Jeffrey Irvine, Head
    Video Audition Required

* Stanley Konopka, Head
    (Prep and YAP)
    Video Audition Required

Laura Shuster, Head
    Coordinator Viola Studies

* Lembi Veskimets, Head


* Martha Baldwin, Head

* Bryan Dumm, Head

Tara Hanish, Head

Pamela Kelly, Head

Melissa Kraut, Head

Wesley Skinner, Head

* Brian Thornton, Head

Double Bass

Tracy Rowell, Head

Harp/Troubadour Harp

Jody Guinn, Head

Yolanda Kondonassis, Head
    Chair, YAP

Classical Guitar

Donald Better, Head

Erik Mann, Head

Jason Vieaux, Head
    Chair, YAP only
    Video Audition Required